Boston's Best Clam Chowder

Best Clam Chowder in the City of Boston


7/1/20222 min read

brown pastry on white ceramic plate
brown pastry on white ceramic plate

Boston's Best Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder.... You may be aware there are some other questionable ways to prepare Boston's best soup. Here in Boston though, New England Clam Chowder is the ONLY way to enjoy Clam Chowder!

What is Clam Chowder?

Yeah... so, there is only one answer. Clam chowder is a rich, creamy and DELICIOUS soup that is believed to have originated in Nova Scotia in the late 1600s. The French seafaring settlers in Nova Scotia got creative with ways to prepare the abundance of fresh, tender clams they found along the Atlantic coastline, mixed it with the French's favorite ingredients - butter and cream - tossed in some onions, celery, and potatoes and viola!

New England Clam Chowder became a common meal in Boston in the 1700s, and is known to have been served at the Union Oyster House, the oldest continuously operating restaurant in the United States, in the early 1800s.

We won't discuss the nasty abhorrence some Manhattanite came up with. And Rhode Island and Connecticut, forever stuck in the middle, can't decide whether to side with Boston or NY.

Boston's Best Clam Chowder Recipes

The first known New England Clam Chowder recipe was published by the Boston Evening Post on September 23, 1751 and republished as Down East Chowder by Jim Thorne, published in 1982 by Jackdaw Press, Box 371, Essex Station, Boston, MA 02112.

Down East Chowder

"Directions for making a Chouder"

"First lay some onions to keep the pork from burning, Because in Chouder there can be no turning; Then lay some Pork in slices very thin, thus you in Chouder always must begin."

"Next lay some Fish cut crossways very nice. Then Season well with Pepper, Salt and Spice;

Parsley, Sweet-Marjoram, Savory and Thyme, Then Biscuit next which must be soak'd some Time."

"Thus your foundation laid, you will be able to raise a Chouder, high as Tower of Babel; For by repeating o're the Same again, You may make Chouder for a thousand Men."

"Last bottle of Claret, with Water eno' to smother 'em, You'l have a Mess which some call Omnium gather 'em."

Union Oyster House, 41 Union St. Boston, MA

Atlantic Fish Company, 761 Boylston St. Boston, MA

Legal Sea Foods, Copley Place, Downtown Crossing, Harborside, Long Wharf, Logan, and Park Square, Boston MA

Yankee Lobster, 300 Northern Ave, Boston, MA

The Barking Crab, 88 Sleeper St. Boston, MA

Summer Shack, 50 Dalton St. Boston, MA

Chart House, 60 Long Wharf, Boston, MA

Salty Dog, 206 S Market St. Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

Some of Boston's Best Clam Chowder can be found at the following establishments.